Seven Day Queen Kdrama Introductory Review


Queen for Seven Days Episode 1
Holy Kimchi!! I wasn’t expecting this much action, humor and spine-quaking tension at first bite.

Keep this up, drama and you could well be my pick of the bunch in this season of sageuks!

Rush hour
As with most historical dramas, we need much of the first hour or more to cover some major backstory real estate.

Still, you will feel no pain getting to meet the younger versions of our two main characters: Lee Yeok (Joseon Prince who later takes the throne of his big brother Lee Yoong) and our girl Shin Chae-Kyung whom as the tale goes, gets deposed as his queen after just seven days (ouch).


Lee Dong-Gun (playing the temperamental King, Lee Yoong) makes a good showing as a character with an iceberg-chip on his shoulder.

He doesn’t trust his officials, and he definitely doesn’t trust his baby brother. Lee Yoong thinks everyone is out to get him. So he pretty much decides, if he wants to survive he will have to get them first.

It’s complicated
I can’t help but feel sympathy for the misguided king and the carefree prince his brother, both whom start to draw irretrievably apart.

Seven Day Queen episode one cleverly shows every inch of how seeds of misunderstanding, distrust and insecurity lead up to the point where one king believes his once beloved little brother is his biggest rival.



Boy meets… Boy?
Unwittingly stepping on his big brother’s toes is not Lee Yeok’s only pastime, of course.

In between playing Peeping Tom with his comrades he gets to encounter his bride-to-be Shin Chae-Kyung without either of them realizing what the future holds.

Besides, when they first cross paths, Shin Chae-kyung is disguised as a boy. She sneaks into Hanyang in a hanbok, hoping to meet her family, separated from her for years.

She’s sick of being hidden away in some remote village like a dirty secret.


Well maybe she should have stayed hidden because I’ve never seen anyone more accident- and trouble-prone! But I like that her character is made of a whole lot of heart.

I’m definitely rooting for her even if the forecast isn’t promising (judging by the premise).

I do feel optimistic about the journey itself. Maybe it’s best to live fast and hard, than die slow and empty kept in the shadows where it’s safe.


Can’t we all just get along?!
I’m eager for more of this thoughtfully assembled period piece. Sibling rivalry on the royal scale can be carnage – but I’m hoping we get to see some pleasing moments to make up for all the angst and bloodletting!

With Seven Day Queen starting off so admirably, I have a feeling it’s going to deliver on the promise shown in the first episode. Knowing sageuk dramas as I do, one can but hope for the best!



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