Criminal Minds Kdrama Introductory Review


What a blast! Criminal Minds started off on the right side of fast-paced, gritty and turbulent. Whew.

The chaos and adrenalin both kick in from the first minute and nothing slows down until the very end. Who else is out of breath?!

I may not know my procedurals from my profilers, but I know a watchable crime drama when I see one!


There’s a lot of tension and angst and not just from the criminals but within the group of those who work to catch them.

Criminal Minds kdrama is a remake of the highly popular US version and follows the same premise – an elite team of criminal “profilers” solve crimes or at most prevent them, by using psychological analysis on suspects.


Lee Joon Gi is Kim Hyun-Joon and leads a star-studded cast who deliver on action, suspense and yes, chemistry!

People are creatures of habit, and sometimes their behavior can be predictable.

Criminal Minds kdrama shows us how law enforcement agencies use this investigative tool of “prediction” and assessment to save lives and curb crime. Riveting stuff!


Since I’ve never seen an episode of the US version of Criminal Minds, I’m glad to enjoy this kdrama with a clean slate. I love the cast, the pacing, and I’m crazy about the OST!

With a start this good, it can only get better, not worse (I hope). There’s no indication of any romance but I’m relishing the friction between Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won (who plays Ha Sun-Woo). I also highly commend Son Hyun-Joo as a poker-faced Kang Ki-Hyung. I’d say this crop of cast is a win from the go!


Ratings wise, Criminal Minds kdrama shows much promise – and the positive response is well deserved in my opinion. I’m looking forward to next week and seeing how the profiling team cracks on with more nerve wracking cases.

Like I said, I’m no nerd when it comes to crime dramas but Criminal Minds does just enough to keep me wanting more!


It’s that easy-watch, screen-candy kind of drama that hits all the right spots in the time frame provided. Exactly what a simple kdrama fangirl like me needs!

Let’s hope the flow keeps being smooth, unforced and solid, while aiming to do justice not simply to match the original but to set its own fine-tuned standard. Now that’s something to root for!



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