Seven Day Queen Finale Review


That was beautiful. Tragic, but still one of the most beautiful finales I’ve experienced in the span of watching Kdramas. Seven Day Queen is one for the classics, for sure!

Highs and Lows
The ending of Seven Day Queen was pretty much set in stone from the beginning. So I wasn’t expecting any surprises with this drama. But I was very much interested in how they were going to get there.

Good to know, the journey was worth it. Such a fantastic cast, which gave us not just one but two arch villains from hell (the two evil ministers who succeeded each other) and two unhappy kings (two rival brothers, who also succeeded each other). Suffice to say, I don’t regret a second I spent following Seven Day Queen from start to finish.


One of my most satisfying moments of Seven Day Queen. Quite the mugshot, won’t you say.

Yes, the finale was great but that didn’t mean I had to like it. I didn’t like that Shin Chae Kyung, our heroine, was so helpless and vulnerable.

Neither her nor her family had powerful allies, and she was no badass who could give back as good as she got.

When it came to palace life and wielding her clout as queen, she never did anything impressive to keep her spot. But then again, not much you can do with just seven days to do it in.


That chilling scene where Chae Kyung almost lost her neck. So I guess her making it to the end was in itself a relief. Thanks show!

Back to Back


Very rarely does a historical drama hit all the right spots and sometimes, they leave too many loose ends. Not so with the final episode of Seven Day Queen.

Yeonsangun the tyrant lost the throne and lived his life in exile the rest of his days, while his successor bro, Yeok apparently spent time undoing his older brother’s crimes.


So sad watching Yeonsangun so quickly decline. One of my fave characters, he held strong until the end, never really losing that kingly dignity. Definitely one of the best things that happened to the show was Lee Dong-Gun as the tyrant king, as he made watching it worthwhile to the very last moment.

Yep, the drama was wrapped up tight. Maybe too tight, leaving nothing much to the imagination.



Exactly my face when the whole fantasy sequence ending played out. Not impressed, but satisfied nonetheless. Sigh!

It was nice to follow through with the actual recorded events in history, but I’d have been happy not knowing Chae Kyung spent up to 39 years of her “deposed queen” life alone and secluded.

Only for a reunion in her husband, Yeok’s final years as king. Sorry but no thanks, for the crumbs of consolation.


Shin Chae Kyung leaving the palace on foot as a deposed queen. She won’t walk in again until almost two decades later.

Still, this is one drama I would fondly remember, and highly recommend. I would say I can’t wait for a drama just like this to come along again, but I’ll need to replenish my tear ducts first.

My heart strings couldn’t take another walloping, not any time soon. But hey, if in future this exact same team of cast and crew want to maybe pick up a romcom or melo with a HEA, then sign me up!



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