Saimdang: Light’s Diary Kdrama Introductory Review


Lovely as ever… Lee Young Ae as Saimdang/Seo Jiyun

Saimdang: Light’s Diary has brightened up my sageuk drama viewing – which of late has been somewhat lacking. As far as my first historical drama of 2017 goes, it’s off to a refreshing start!

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The K2 Finale Review


Guns. Fists. Tears and blood. Heroism, conviction and of course love…

Episode 16 of The K2 gave a smash finish to an awesome drama.

Ji Chang Wook again, plays the perfect lead that takes it all the way up. An action hero worth his weight in muscles, and my what big ones he’s got!

All the better to take down the bad guys, save the girl and win the day.


His only worry as an actor, will be how to yet again top a stellar performance in his next drama. No pressure, Wookie. No pressure.

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Oh My Venus Week Six and Seven Review


Yay! So I rung in the new year with some catchup episodes of Oh My Venus. And it was the best present to myself because as expected, it didn’t disappoint.

Hats off to the writing and casting team. It’s been a while since a drama got me so caught up, with zero reservations or doubts. I freaking love everything about this show and even with two episodes left to go, I feel there’s still so much the drama can achieve.

Now let me sit back and watch Oh My Venus try to outdo its own awesomeness! Strap in for reviews of episodes 11 to 14!


Prepare to happily bawl your way into 2016 like I did, watching the preceding four episodes!

Episode 11 Oh My Venus

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Oh My Venus Week Five Review: Episode 9


Guess how to recognise a good romance comedy? It’s the one that doesn’t take two-thirds of the series before they get to the good part.

You know, the actual dating.

Episode 9 of Oh My Venus was an utter blast. This would be the couple that Hye Jin and Shin-hyuk had the chance to be, if only. I feel like my angst from She Was Pretty can finally be assuaged. I got my Ultimate Fun Pairing.

Life is so sweet.



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She Was Pretty Finale Review & Eps. 13-15 Highlights


This could well be labeled the “luckiest drama of 2015”.

In a run of a few weeks, it completed its world domination of our hearts and imagination.

Boasting an enviable fan following, a winning all-round cast, and a warm-hearted storyline sweetly told, She Was Pretty could do no wrong.

Only in fairytales do you get such perfect symmetry, but then hasn’t that been the premise all along?


A Cinderella story of our age, this drama gave us a finale to top all happily-ever-afters ever seen in a Kdrama in recent times.

Episode 16: More than an afterthought episode

Must be a Zeigarnik thing, but I thought to myself, had to finish what I started, on the She Was Pretty journey.


My sentiment at this point, when my second lead fixation had to finally bite the dust!

So despite the slight disconnect I felt – from since episode 13, can’t deny I stuck through to the very end of episode 16, the finale.

And even with all the shock reveals, heartbreaks and hookups from the blue, our favorite romcom is certified worth the whole freaking watch!


This smile takes me to such a happy place…Ok, now I think I can finally finish this!

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