2017: A Year of Drama


Join me in an overview of my year 2017 in dramaverse – calender style! See what dramas hit the spot, or had me dropping it like it’s hot!

So how did your year of dramas go?

Milestones and Mayhem
February 2017:
1. Saimdang Light’s Diary
My 2017 watchlist started on a high with a brand new discovery that changed my kdrama horizon!

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Top 2 November Upcoming Dramas

Two Cops

Guess who’s back! It’s only Jo Jung Seok, one of the hottest  actors to grace our kdrama universe. He can be tough, he can be cool, he can be funny. He’ll get the chance to be all three in Two Cops, airing November 27!

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Ruler: Master of the Mask Kdrama Introductory Review


Now that was an action-packed couple of hours! Strangely satisfying yet keeps you wanting more. Kdrama just found its new krack!

Sageuk done right
Ruler: Master of the Mask is possibly the kind of period drama I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the year. Meaty, vibrant and tied in nice little knots, it has you eager to unravel as many twists as you can, as fast as you can!

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You’re Too Much Kdrama Introductory Review


Gu Hye Sun like I’ve never seen her before: I love it!

And I love this drama! You’re Too Much is just two episodes in, yet I can tell it’s right up my alley.

From the very first scene I felt swept in by the glitter and the glam. It’s also earthy and raw in places, with emotion and darkness. The storyline already has enough twists to get you dizzy. Don’t think, just fall in!


This might be a weekend “family” drama that’s all set up to reach 50 episodes, but the stakes are already steep.
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The K2 Finale Review


Guns. Fists. Tears and blood. Heroism, conviction and of course love…

Episode 16 of The K2 gave a smash finish to an awesome drama.

Ji Chang Wook again, plays the perfect lead that takes it all the way up. An action hero worth his weight in muscles, and my what big ones he’s got!

All the better to take down the bad guys, save the girl and win the day.


His only worry as an actor, will be how to yet again top a stellar performance in his next drama. No pressure, Wookie. No pressure.

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