2016 Kdramas Catchup: March

So far? Kdramas in 2016 are still definitely looking up!

Getting too into a new 2016 drama can be high-risk. What do you do when it disillusions you along the way? It could turn you off your kdramas for the rest of the year!

Good thing I have no such problems with any of the new dramas I started – and finished, so far this year.

I hope this is a sign of better days ahead!


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K-Drama Checklist for September – October 2015

Upcoming Dramas for September/October: The Checklist 

So…just how many of the upcoming dramas have you heard of and can’t wait to catch the first episode?

Remember when Yong Pal was all everyone could talk about in the days leading up to its premiere? Now it’s one of the hottest dramas on air, which means that sometimes, dramas do live up to expectations! Continue reading “K-Drama Checklist for September – October 2015”

July Drama Catch-up – All of the good stuff

So far so good
Since we’re almost through with the drama storm that was July, how have all the recent faves been faring?


How it feels keeping up with the tons of great dramas week to week.

Popular series like Mask, My Love Eun dong and even Hidden Identity have been solidly developing since their exciting premieres. But then some new ones have brought even more to the table, keeping our Monday-Sunday viewing back-to-back awesome.

Dramas behaving badly
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Scholar Who Walks the Night – Ready, Set…

Not long now…Finally meet Joseon-era vampire Kim Sung-Yeol when Scholar Who Walks the Night airs July 8.wpid-20150629_011647.jpg

Now just 10 days to go (yes,  I’m counting) the enthusiasm is kicking into overdrive. With a drama that’s promising to thrill, enchant and amaze, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Even if vampires aren’t really your thing, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is worth a look-in. Here’s why.

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