Liebster Time!

When it’s Liebster Award time, you know it’s about answering fun questions and finding equally fun new blogs! So where all the cool blogs at?
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Coming Soon: Mrs. Cop

So I have a thing for lady cops. And k-dramas lately have been giving us some great girls in uniform, most recently the upcoming Mrs. Cop.


She’s no rookie be it age or experience wise. And that’s going to be the main kick about this all-new drama starting August 3: just how does an Ahjumma cop hold it down? I’m eager to find out!
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Some Like it Hot and other Kdrama Foibles

Now airing...vampire medical drama Blood

Now airing…vampire medical drama Blood

How do you like your Kdramas?

Maybe you’re one of those who’d rather follow a drama as it airs. If it’s good, you keep yourself on a weekly watch – ensuring you never miss an ongoing episode. You’re commenting with everyone else on every fan-following thread on the topic of the drama.

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