Heart To Heart ep. 1 & 2 – Surprise Finds and First Impressions

Some Kdramas just have that vibe.  Letting you know within the first five minutes that you’ve probably hit on something different and maybe even special. Continue reading “Heart To Heart ep. 1 & 2 – Surprise Finds and First Impressions”


Some Like it Hot and other Kdrama Foibles

Now airing...vampire medical drama Blood

Now airing…vampire medical drama Blood

How do you like your Kdramas?

Maybe you’re one of those who’d rather follow a drama as it airs. If it’s good, you keep yourself on a weekly watch – ensuring you never miss an ongoing episode. You’re commenting with everyone else on every fan-following thread on the topic of the drama.

You rave, rant and cheer with the characters and keep the adrenalin pumping right to the very end with that heavy sigh of relief. Or disappointment, depending on how the story evolved. Continue reading “Some Like it Hot and other Kdrama Foibles”