2017: A Year of Drama


Join me in an overview of my year 2017 in dramaverse – calender style! See what dramas hit the spot, or had me dropping it like it’s hot!

So how did your year of dramas go?

Milestones and Mayhem
February 2017:
1. Saimdang Light’s Diary
My 2017 watchlist started on a high with a brand new discovery that changed my kdrama horizon!

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Criminal Minds Kdrama Introductory Review


What a blast! Criminal Minds started off on the right side of fast-paced, gritty and turbulent. Whew.

The chaos and adrenalin both kick in from the first minute and nothing slows down until the very end. Who else is out of breath?!

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Sageuk Spotlight: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo


And it’s a wrap! Moon Lovers is done with filming and premieres August 29. Who else can’t wait!?

Much as I’ve tried to distance myself from too much information about this upcoming period drama, I’m not sure I can hold back any longer. This looks so good!

Yes, even though I’d like to keep my mind a blank page, open to enjoy Moon Lovers on its own benefit alone…I do allow myself some little tidbits just to whet my keen appetite for this beautifully shot piece.

So what makes this upcoming drama something to really look forward to?

It’s Lee Joon Gi’s new drama!
If you love Lee Joon Gi in sageuk, in costume, and in a badass lead role, then this drama is so for you!

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Top 7 K-drama Leading Men of 2015

What’s your flavor? Chef, Banker, undercover cop, airline purser or chaebol? Many of the latest 2015 k-dramas have given us a lot of quantity and quality in terms of exciting heroes.

And if vampires are your cup of tea, you have a pick of those this year too. I’m talking leading men who’ve made every episode worthwhile and sent the feels quota off the scale!

7.  Joo Jin Mo as Park Hyun Soo in My Love Eun Dong


Meet Mr. Intensity, Joo Jin-Moo

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Episode One & Two Roundup of Scholar Who Walks the Night

Scholar Who Walks the Night: Week One MiniCap

In episode one studious and athletic (he fights and rides) scholar, Sung Yeol loses everything he holds dear in one single sweep.

A powerful ancient vampire lords it over the palace in general and the Joseon Monarch in particular.

One objective is clear: no one really wants Vampire Evil Lord (addressed mononymously as Gwi) around anymore.

He may have been of help in building a dynasty, but seriously he’s a monster who’s now doing more harm than good.

For one thing he’s bitten more than his fair share of innocent maidens (200 hundred years’ worth) and let’s face it, the modern era of Joseon no longer wants or needs an abominable, dressing-gown-wearing vampire calling the shots.

But obviously he won’t simply take a hike, and prefers the cushy life in the palace: dwelling among humans, feeding on them and just being an undead nuisance.


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Scholar Who Walks the Night – Ready, Set…

Not long now…Finally meet Joseon-era vampire Kim Sung-Yeol when Scholar Who Walks the Night airs July 8.wpid-20150629_011647.jpg

Now just 10 days to go (yes,  I’m counting) the enthusiasm is kicking into overdrive. With a drama that’s promising to thrill, enchant and amaze, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Even if vampires aren’t really your thing, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is worth a look-in. Here’s why.

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Highly Anticipated – Lee Joon Gi is “Scholar of the Night”

Scholar Who Walks the Night – Fantasy, supernatural, vampire, sageuk

Summary – This is a period fantasy set in the Joseon era. A nobleman’s daughter takes to disguising herself as a man to sell books after her family is falsely accused and ruined. She encounters a handsome, enigmatic Confucian scholar who also happens to be a vampire, and falls in love with him. Continue reading “Highly Anticipated – Lee Joon Gi is “Scholar of the Night””