Oh My Venus Week Eight Review: Finale

I’ve run out of accolades for Oh My Venus and how good it is.

So much that I’m not even sure where to start. So maybe I’ll start from the end.

And my what an ending.


This scene. Embodies the sheer storytelling perfection of Oh My Venus.

I kept waiting for the drama to slip up but it never happened.

Episodes 15 and 16 were the proverbial icing on the cake of a very satisfying, very thoughtful and insightful drama.

Lacy hankies are at the ready, because the final week brings loads of sentimental moments. This is one final curtain I almost didn’t want to see fall.


My favorite couple 2015/2016. Let’s see anyone try to beat them this year!!

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Oh My Venus Week Four Review: Episode 7


Episode 7 Oh My Venus
Our girl is palpably giddy after the first real liplock of the drama.

Smooth, Young Ho. So smooth. You’ve got the Daegu Venus all trembly and gaspy after that brief, smoking smooch.

But then Joo Eun goes…


And I’m like…whoa. At least get a room, guys!

But of course there’s a good reason for her request *ahem* demand.

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December 2015 K-dramas: What to Watch

For some, it’s all about the cast when choosing that next k-drama favorite. That goes for me too! I’m more invested in who’s playing the main roles than even the storyline. So yes, I’m shallow when it comes to my viewing pleasure.

That’s why my December looks like a dream shopping list with all my favorite things! Smoking hot leads and supporting cast with verve, and yes some dramas with a solid premise thrown in here and there.

So what should you be watching?

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Oh My Venus Week One Review


It feels good to be excited about a new drama again! Episode one and two of Oh My Venus gave me all sorts of good vibes.

Great, steady pacing, hot leads, smooth delivery and rich dialogue makes this a drama I want to see do well.


Not to point fingers, but She Was Pretty which had almost the same theme, lacked a bit of impact in the first few episodes.

In Oh My Venus, Shin Min-A makes a far more relatable pretty-to-ugly character than Hwang Jung Eum in She Was Pretty.


Kang Joo-Eun (Shin Min-A) may have piled on the pounds since her high school heyday, but even as an overweight, newly dumped, stressed out lawyer, you still see her awesome spirit shining through.

I’m glad to see the heroine is one I find engrossing from the onset.


As for the leading man, don’t even get me started.

So Ji Sub needs no intro or dissection. He’d make the most hardened non-fangirl yell ‘oppa!!’ and run around screaming just with a glimpse of that gorgeous half-smile and piercing, steadfast gaze.

In short, Oh My Venus showed a lot of dynamism in its first two hours than some dramas manage in ten. Two thumbs waaay up for that!

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