2016 Kdramas Catchup: March

So far? Kdramas in 2016 are still definitely looking up!

Getting too into a new 2016 drama can be high-risk. What do you do when it disillusions you along the way? It could turn you off your kdramas for the rest of the year!

Good thing I have no such problems with any of the new dramas I started – and finished, so far this year.

I hope this is a sign of better days ahead!


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Coming Soon: Mrs. Cop

So I have a thing for lady cops. And k-dramas lately have been giving us some great girls in uniform, most recently the upcoming Mrs. Cop.


She’s no rookie be it age or experience wise. And that’s going to be the main kick about this all-new drama starting August 3: just how does an Ahjumma cop hold it down? I’m eager to find out!
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