Oh My Venus Week Four Review: Episode 7


Episode 7 Oh My Venus
Our girl is palpably giddy after the first real liplock of the drama.

Smooth, Young Ho. So smooth. You’ve got the Daegu Venus all trembly and gaspy after that brief, smoking smooch.

But then Joo Eun goes…


And I’m like…whoa. At least get a room, guys!

But of course there’s a good reason for her request *ahem* demand.

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She Was Pretty Finale Review & Eps. 13-15 Highlights


This could well be labeled the “luckiest drama of 2015”.

In a run of a few weeks, it completed its world domination of our hearts and imagination.

Boasting an enviable fan following, a winning all-round cast, and a warm-hearted storyline sweetly told, She Was Pretty could do no wrong.

Only in fairytales do you get such perfect symmetry, but then hasn’t that been the premise all along?


A Cinderella story of our age, this drama gave us a finale to top all happily-ever-afters ever seen in a Kdrama in recent times.

Episode 16: More than an afterthought episode

Must be a Zeigarnik thing, but I thought to myself, had to finish what I started, on the She Was Pretty journey.


My sentiment at this point, when my second lead fixation had to finally bite the dust!

So despite the slight disconnect I felt – from since episode 13, can’t deny I stuck through to the very end of episode 16, the finale.

And even with all the shock reveals, heartbreaks and hookups from the blue, our favorite romcom is certified worth the whole freaking watch!


This smile takes me to such a happy place…Ok, now I think I can finally finish this!

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11 Q&A from She Was Pretty: Fun Facts and Trivia

Best of the rest
It’s safe to say the K-drama She Was Pretty is turning out to be a solid fan favorite.


This drama is the ‘Mostest’ –  and it’s about to get even more ‘most’!

It could be the smoking hot leads, or the unique premise, or just the sheer hotpot of aggravating suspense it provides…but this drama is definitely taking us by storm!

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